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About Us

Welcome to JS&D Consultants, where we identify opportunities to redefine professional growth and organizational excellence through our specialized training, consultancy, and research services.

“We are providing our services Since 2015 and keep standing as a trusted partner for your success with progressive talent development and sustainable innovations to groom you and your business”.

Empowering Growth and Excellence

JS&D Consultants is a team of consultants who are committed to providing people and organizations with the tools that are needed to get the best out of themselves and the organization. We’re proud to offer a talent development approach that is progressive and sustainable, thus, being a reliable partner for our clients’ success. Reach us today to begin your voyage of success and improvement!


"To transform the lives of people by enhancing their beliefs in themselves through skills development programs, life-changing sessions, and advisory services."


Nationwide competent existence and inspire the lives of countless peoples



Be ethical, listen, care, and communicate

Diversity and inclusion

understand individual differences, and create space for all


Open minded, change, fear, and failure


trust yourself, be efficient, empower yourself and grow

Our Services


Our training services cover a full range of management programs from humon resource management to strategic management. We also provide customized  training programs and have a wide range of training modules that the clients can choose from depending on their needs.


Research is the basis of all the operations that our consultancy JS&D carries out. We undertake thorough problem-solving and research to unearth emerging trends and chances both in various industries. Our research services are designed to give a competitive.


JS&O Consultants is an expert consultancy firm giving professional advice and solutions to the strategic challenges that the corporate world is facing in today’s modern era, The team of qualified advisers provides the management with expert ideas and possible solutions for increasing the company’s effectiveness and competitiveness.

Our Services for Universities & Students

Career Development

JS&D Consultants is a career development partner for students. We offer a wide range of career-based training, motivational seminars, and skills development workshops for all walks of students. Through these programs, we help students find their way to their career paths.

Professional Development

We are aware that learning and development require full-time part. Through our professional development programs, students are imparted with the requisite skill sets, competencies, and knowledge that make them successful and competitive in the corporate world.

Educational Workshops

We are running captivating engaging educational workshops that aid students and broaden their knowledge. The educational programs we provide include seminars, where the participants are actively involved, and workshops, where the participants are hands-on learning. 

Help Heroes

Help Heroes is a strategic training program that is designed to develop university heroes on competencies that help them to get attractive jobs, remain competitive, and empower them to succeed academically, personally, and professionally. 

Our Services for Organizations

Professional Development

JS&D Consultants is a company that designs corporate development programs that are aligned with the organization’s development needs. From executive coaching to team-building exercises, our main focus is to offer the possibilities of talent development in the organizations, which in turn leads to business success.

Career Development

The career development services that we offer are aimed to help organizations establish a culture that promotes growth and career advancement. We allow employees to choose their path by offering them workshops and seminars that help them achieve their career goals.

HR Consulting

We offer our HR consulting services to businesses so that they can use our professional skills as well as the tools they need to enhance their HR procedures. From recruiting strategies to performance administration, we provide complete human resources solutions.

Strategic Training

We offer solutions for strategic training that enable companies to link their training activities with their corporate strategic missions. We work hand in hand with them to build training schemes that achieve goals and ensure profitable outcomes

Mentorship Programs

JS&D Consultants is involved in the design of mentoring programs that help to nurture professional growth and leadership among workers in organizations. Our mentorship campaigns are based on creating pairs of mentors with mentees whose purpose is to provide assistance and help.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The JS&D Consultants is a company that was established in 2015 and it is currently at the forefront of the talent development of progressive initiatives and sustainable innovations.

JS&D Consultants provides a set of training programs that encompass technical sessions, leadership training, and skills enhancement courses.

The Universities, and degree awarding institutes can also be the beneficiaries of JS&D Consultants’ educational workshops, career development programs, and research services that are aimed at the students and faculty.

Yes, certainly, JS&D Consultants provide training programs where there are availed customized solutions to cater to the peculiar needs and difficulties of businesses in different industries.

JS&D Consultants’ dedication to excellence, innovative approach, and client-centered service that goes beyond the one-size-fits-all approach helps it stand out from the crowd.

For more details, you may call the JS&D Consultants at +923457855752 or come to our office located at P-274, St#125, Block D, Citi Housing, Sargodha Road, Faisalabad, Pakistan.

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